Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Things from this Week

If I haven't been around for  awhile, then it's because I have been 
busy with finals and craft show preparations. 
But I would like to take this time to list the happy highlights from my week. 

I finally bought a frame for the Winter Soldier art print that I purchased at WonderCon. 
And I think it makes a lovely addition to my wall alongside the celestial wind chime, 
handmade fairy and elephant postcard. 

Today I spent sometime inside my college's art building, admiring all the hard work that hangs 
on the walls at the moment. And I couldn't help but look at this large painting with the words "Is this the world you want?" written on it. The words remind me of one of my favorite Switchfoot songs, which the lyrics are the exact same. 

And I met this group today at school. A group of fearless ducks, decided to land right next to where I was standing, and spent a few moments following me around and watching me take out my poetry journal. Sure is nice to see a bit of wildlife and they brought a smile to my face. 

While on the topic of school, I received back my piano theory test results today with 87% correct answers. Perfect! Because I thought that I was going to get far less than that. And I memorized an entire Italian art song for voice class, which I will have to preform on the last day of class. 

(Photo Source: Jerrysartarama.)

Lastly, I ordered this beautiful set of professional watercolors by Winsor and Newton. 
For a few years now I have only been using a set of Grumbacher watercolors, that my art teacher 
recommended and had me use. And while they are nice and all, I feel the time has come to explore different brands and see which ones work the best for me.

There are many more things that I would like to highlight, but maybe there not as "exciting" as the things I've listed above, so I'll leave it like that. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

High Heels and High Hopes

Ok high heels doesn't really compare to the hopes of performing 
well on stage next Thursday, but whatever!

  Recently I've gotten into this high heels interest, and if anybody knows me well enough, I always said that I could never wear heels for the reason that I have BAD balance and weak ankles, and I always believed that walking in heels is a sure fire way to get into an accident! But for some reason I tossed all those fears away and bought myself a 3" heeled shoe in black suede. 

  Main reason why I bought these was because during the upcoming months there will be quite a bit of "formal" events that I have to go to, and since my Mary Jane flats don't make the cut, a pair of Mary Jane heels just might. 

 Spent some time hunting down the perfect heel, or at least anything that resembled a little girls shoes/ dolly shoes and some 1940's/50s style in the mix. Finally found them online at Macy's. 

Pretty pretty oh so pretty! 

   Now all I have to do is practice wearing them around the house so I don't look like a doofus in public. 
   Well my guitar ensemble concert is next Thursday and luckily I am not as nervous as I was during the first one last semester. The other students have been playing fairly well, as am I (at least I think I am), because none of us want to be the one that brings the whole group and song down during the performance. Speaking of song, my voice teacher handed us back our concert reports and I am pleased to say that I received an "A" from her!! So that's a reason to celebrate right? 
    With the spring semester ending in two weeks, there have been thoughts as to what I plan to do during the summer, because believe me I don't want to waste a second of it! Well I'm teaching a hemp jewelry class and selling at craft shows. But most importantly I plan to use most of my time on practicing more music and getting ahead of the game before I return in the fall. Thankfully my teachers have left me with enough tips and reading material to jump ahead and become better prepared for the next semester. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

7th Month Dread Update | Sketching Fairies

And it's time yet again for another deadlock update! 

(Please excuse the poor lighting, the weather is cloudy today.)

   So far I've let some of my dreads congo together in hopes that my thinest dreads will become thicker and fuller. I've noticed more knotting going on, mainly on the lower part of my head, the dreads are pulling some of the loose hairs and adding them to the roots. Other than that, not much difference from last month. Thing is I'm due for another apple cider vinegar rinse really soon. 

  Gathered enough courage to add beads, charms and yarn to a few locks. I have this fear that I'm going to choke my dreads to death if I add bits and baubles, even though I loosely tie and string everything on, I dunno I'm just being a fraidy freak! I pulled out some of my largest holed beads from my bead bag and some light metal charms tied in with some thin rainbow yarn (you can't tell it's rainbow from the lighting.) So yeah, it looks pretty cool and i'm just keeping my eye out for any dread strangling. 

  Remember the Michaels gift card my aunt sent me? Well, I spent it already on some "really" important stuff. I've had my eye on this watercolor fairy art book for a long time, and finally thanks to family, it's mine! I also bought two small round brushes, because my old ones have ugly bristles and can no longer make fine lines. Anyway the book is really awesome and it teaches you so much on details and figure drawing, stuff that I need to perfect along with many many other things. 

  Here is my first sketch working with the tips from the book and a reference photo from a children's magazine. It's far from perfect and is lacking a lot of things, but hopefully with a lot more figure drawing practice, my skills will improve. 

   This is totally random, but I wanted to show you guys the Bananadoodle dough I made today, using a vegan recipe I found on Pinterest. I already made them into little balls and baked them, now their currently being left out to cool. 

See, perfectly irregular shaped Bananadoodles! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My 20th Birthday

Ah! I'm so late in posting this! 
I should have done it right away after April 12th. 
Oh well, at least it's getting done today.

(Me on the day of my birthday, wearing my beaded Free People dress and borrowing my little sisters lace headband. I did my makeup like I always do, short winged eyeliner and a cream shimmer eyeshadow.) 

   Still can't believe I made it to the twenties decade! I still feel like I should be saying I'm in my teens or something, guess it's going to take some getting used too, because these twenties are going to be hanging around for awhile. 
   Going to explain my birthday in a timeline form. Woke up and practiced my instruments (as usual), went to church with the family and then after that got to open the beautiful gifts my family gave me! Next came the traditional birthday dinner, this year I wanted to choose a place that caters to vegans, because what would happen whenever I went to other restaurants, was that I would end up ordering side dishes like mixed veggies and a small fruit bowl. Not filling at all, so I decided enough is enough! This year I chose a place called Lyfe Kitchen, not fancy or anything just a causal setting, and I had the best tofu tacos ever! 

  So here are the lovely gifts my wonderful family gave to me, their so caring when it comes to gift giving and they just made my birthday so special. 

  •   My mom got me one of my most favorite art books by a mixed media artist named Suzi Blu. I just adore her work and love to look at it all the time. 
  • Little sis gave me a book on ukulele playing and different uke musicians. I have been pouring over the colorful and easy to read pages.
  • Mat Kearney's latest album "Just Kids" was a gift from my brother, and I haven't been able to stop listening to it since. 
  • My other sister knew what a freak I am for anything Tolkien, so she gave me the last Hobbit film in the trilogy. 
  • My aunt and cousins sent me a wonderful card and gift card for Michaels, which is a hard gift to cash in, because I can never decide what to get in a craft store. 

  Here is all the cards I received that day from my family, all so pretty and with touching encouraging words from everyone, words that I will cherish forever. 
  But they weren't the only ones to wish me a happy birthday, many wonderful people that I met online sent me birthday messages and continued to shower me with nice comments. I am so grateful and thankful for everyone who showed me so much kindness and generosity that day and all the days before and after, they all made my 20th birthday extra special. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

School Work and Craft Show

   Wow it feels like I haven't been here in forever! And the reason for that is, is because I have been busy with college reports and such. When that happens I usually like to only concentrate on my homework rather then spend time writing something else, otherwise I get distracted and thrown off track. So you can bet that as soon as I'm done with my reports, I will return to my special little place known as my blog/journal, where I have a post planned on the subject of my recently passed 20th birthday.
    Along with reports, I have been squeezing in a little time to finish up some craft show items that still need a bit more work. I have been at my sewing machine this week stitching up some fabric dolls so that I can later hand paint their faces and sew little bows and buttons onto them. I am hoping the results will be adorable!
    So there it is my excuse for being late to blog, luckily it is spent doing things of value rather then laziness.

Monday, April 13, 2015

My First WonderCon Experience

So I had a complete blast at the WonderCon! 
Never before have I ever seen so much art, films and fans all rolled into one,
or in one place. 

So here is the first pic I took after I finished going through artists alley 
and purchasing a white pen and bronze sharpie from a art booth. 

Oh gosh! This was actually signed by Sebastian Stan!

I really loved this girl's work and art style. 

This autographed photo cost close to a hundred dollars,
But I think it would have been worth spending that much
for this photo haha. 


I saw this skirt online and had thought about ordering it, 
only to find out that it was being sold at a clothing booth in the WonderCon.
Of course I bought it, and so far it has become my go to skirt. 


Can never have too many Winter Soldiers. 

My sister with our favorite Spider-Gwen. 

An artist and his trusty art bunny. 

This dude's costume was intensely awesome.

Stopped to hear some children's books illustrators and authors talk about 
what it is like working in that field and give some great advice. 

Pretty nerdy jewelry tree.

I made it my mission to take a picture with every Winter Soldier that came my way.

Marvel helmets.

And here is my small haul which doesn't include the two pens that I bought. 
In Artists Alley I bought a 8x10 print of the Winter Soldier that a girl had done. I really wanted my 
money to go to helping a fellow artist out. I already said that I bought the Toothless skirt, but I also got a Funko Pop of Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy, which is sitting on a shelf over my head at the moment. 
So I really had a great time there and I'm hoping to come again next year or go to ComicCon!