Friday, April 18, 2014

Creative Ukuleles

There is nothing like playing the ukelele.
And especially playing a ukulele that reflects you!

These are just a few out of thousands of ukulele pics 
you can find on pinterest (argh! there are so many, it's makes me greedy and wanting to pin every uke  like crazy!). With a lot of choosing, I was able to narrow it down to just 4 pics. 

Isn't this one beautiful?! Imagine playing some soothing Jack Johnson songs 
outside while watching the stars! 

Que the song Galaxies by Owl City! Cuz this one is out of this world! 
Now if only the sky looked like that where I live.

I think it's supposed to be an ocean sunset, but too me it looks like a desert sunrise! 
None the less. The artists use of dot painting is very well done!

Oh! Oh! I can't get over this one! 
I love how it looks like someone with paint covered fingers,
was playing his used to be pure white uke. 
But now is covered in a rainbow of swirls, drips and smears!! 

Now you probably remember my ukulele that I bought on black friday.
I would love to decorate my ukulele, but I have this thing, 
that when I want to do something creative and decorate something,
I keep hearing myself say: "No no! what if it turns out wrong?, What if you don't like it? Maybe you should leave it the way it is. 

Argh I can't stand that nagging voice! 

Anyway I hope you guys like the uke's. 
If you own a decorated uke, I would love to see it. 
Or maybe tell me about it in the comments. 

Have a great musical day!! ^^ 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Events Of The Birthday

Hello my lovely readers!! I want to thank all who wished me a happy birthday,
It was so kind of everybody. Thank you very much!!!

So allow me to give a brief description of the day April 12.
  • I woke up with sun shining through my window and then I played my guitar.
  • Then I hung out with my sisters and my mom let me pick out a berry cheesecake from Whole foods
  • Later my wonderful caring family gave me amazing presents. Thank you family!! 
  • Lastly my dad took me and my family to PF Changs for a birthday dinner. 
  • Before I went to bed my whole family prayed for me. 

I really enjoyed my day!!

Here is pictures of what my family gave to me. 

  • My mom gave me 2 wrap skirts, one long and the other shorter, they are absolutely gorgeous! 
  • My dad gave me Switchfoot's latest album and some money!
  • My brother gave me a gift card for Barnes and Noble!
  • My sister gave me a Httyd cup and Stormfly action figure dragon!
  • My little sister gave me a locket necklace with removable charms! 
  • And lastly the second dvd for The Hobbit that came with a Lego figure of Legolas! 

A closer look at the patterns for my new skirts. I have watched many videos on
how to wear these kinds of skirts in many different ways,
but I can never remember them all. 

These are the little charms my sister put into my locket.
The trick is to find charms that go with your interests, likes and hobbies. 
My sister knows me too well already and found all the right charms.

  • A happy sun with glasses (because I love hot weather and sunny days).
  • A Bible (because I love Jesus and reading the bible).
  • A treble clef (because I love to write songs). 
  • A guitar (because of my love for playing my guitar).
  • A April birth stone 
  • A pair of headphones (I listen to a lot of music in my spare time) 
  • And a dog lovers charm (because I love my cocker spaniel very very much) 
  She told me she couldn't find a book charm. 
My obsession with reading is the only thing missing from the locket.

Look at this beautiful gift card from my brother!! 
It's gorgeous! it's art!
I love to read Beatrix Potters stories!!

My new little elf friend. ^^

Miss Stormfly the deadly nadder!!!!!! :D <3 p="">

So I had the best, greatest, funnest and awesomest day ever!! 
And I am very glad to have so many caring loving people around me!! 
A kid couldn't ask for a better gift!! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Future Birthday Post

Hey everybody!! Sorry I can't post about my birthday today. 
But I will try to write out a detailed post along with gifts that were given to me,
tomorrow. Does that sound good? :D 

Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

19 Years

(Camera wrecked the color again) 

Well I can't believe it's almost my birthday again! 
Feels like I was just turning 18 a few days ago and now 19.
Now only one year away from 20 years! 

But a new age means a new start and new opportunities,
such as school, work and life. 
Who knows what this year will bring, what God has in store for my life.
But I know whatever it is, that He has everything planned out already. 

I am very grateful for all you readers who drop by for a visit daily,
you guys were a big part of my 18th year, and I am very happy to have met some of you. 
You made my year very special! 

See you soon! :) 

Friday, April 4, 2014

What I've been up too

Helloooooooo everybody!! 
Sorry I left without telling you all.
But my cousins visited us this past week 
and I wasn't able to get to the computer and write a post.

But i'm here now! And I wanted to show you this new necklace
I made today. It's made from light green cotton crochet cord 
with acrylic beads and a bottle with a butterfly inside. 

Ugh! this lighting makes everything look gross! 
But this is the bottle close up.
Inside the bottle is some fake twigs, fake moss, a real little stick 
and an old butterfly charm from a set of earrings that I never wore. 

So yeah! I have been really into these little bottles, that I buy from Joann's and Michael's.
Here is one I made for myself that has dandelion seeds inside. 

I will try to be more active on this blog and leave notices
before I go away for awhile. 

Love you guys! :)  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


             HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST FILM EVER, BASED ON THE STORY FROM CRESSIDA COWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cannot believe it's been four years since the release of the HTTYD film to theaters everywhere!
The story has really come a long way, from books, to a film, live show, tv series and now a second film! Whoa! It never stops amazing me! 
Now in honor of this grand occasion. I have written a song for HTTYD! 
(bear in mind that my voice sounds horrible!) 

I am proud to have called myself HTTYD's number 2 fan for the past for years. 
and I look forward to whats in store for future. 
And I would like to thank the lovely Cressida Cowell (author of HTTYD).
For her amazing work and writings! they have truly inspired me as well as many others 
to dream big and soar! 

Also through HTTYD, I have met many wonderful people that also enjoy the stories.
We are like a family, all the fans and I, a huge happy Viking family! 
The characters from the story are also like a family to me. A family filled to the brim
with lovable remarkable characters!!!!!!!

Here's to many many many more years of Dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

“Sometimes it is only a True Friend who knows what we mean when we try to speak.
Somebody who has spent a lot of time with us, and listens carefully to what we are trying to say, and tries to understand.” 
― Cressida Cowell  (How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse)