Saturday, October 18, 2014

Week 3 dread journey

Haven't really got a chance to see what my dreads look like 
from a side view....Until now. 

   Anyhow, I am on my third week of having dreads! And they are coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself. At this stage, they are looking like tangles of curls with loose hairs coming out everywhere, I haven't thought to crochet them, because I heard that it causes damage to hair. So I'm just letting them do their thing. 
   As far as "maintenance" goes, there hasn't been anything I've been doing to them, other than just washing it every three days. Not palm rolling them either, because I'm lazy and I heard from someone that it does nothing to the dreads. 
   There is the problem of them getting flat though, which I should be worried about I guess, but for whatever reason I am not. Kind of want to see if they fix themselves and if not? Oh well! Basically I'm just letting them do their own thing. 

    Washing them has been a bit of a struggle but I am learning to wash my head in a different way. For example: I first wet my whole head and then squeeze a little bit of shampoo onto my finger tips, then I take that and work the shampoo onto my scalp without applying any onto my dreads. 
    The way I wash the actual dread, is by wetting my head again and then squeezing the water out over and over again. After all thats done, I squeeze dry my hair with a towel followed by some light blowdrying. 
     Sometimes I'll spray a water/ lavender oil onto my scalp....Not sure what it does, but it smell nice. 

More shots of my shaggy lions mane. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Songwriting is life | poem

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Songwriting is life 

Stop writing songs! 
Is what everyone says to me 
Suppose writing lyrics is wrong?
And it just shouldn't be 

They can't be right 
Lyrics are my life
Writing is what makes me bright
It shouldn't cause any strife 

Songs are useless hobbies 
They shout into my face
I think they are just crabby
Because songwriting is my place.

-Lynn N 

Just thought I'd share a poem with you all!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poem books | Plushies


    I wanted to share with you all my college poem book companion. My mom had gotten this notebook for free, when she went used book shopping. She then offered it too my siblings and I. While flipping through it real quick, I noticed how neat and colorful the pages were, perfect for jotting down my ideas and words. Luckily none of my siblings wanted it, so I snatched it up and made it mine! 

   And boy am I glad I did! Each and every page of this notebook is filled with cool designs, artwork and quotes, not to mention the last few pages have pockets attached to them. Of course the book is titled "Travel Diary", But hey! nothing wrong with using it as a poem book. 
   My poem book is always stashed in my backpack, so whenever an inspiring thought hits me, I'm ready to write it down! I've mentioned before how every free moment I have in college is used up by writing down random notes. Such as, waiting for my ride to pick me up and those in between breaks in class. 

    I think the best part about writing poetry and random stuff, is going back and reading all my past entries. Remembering what I was thinking, where I was going, and what was I feeling at the time. So I guess I can say, that my book really is a travel diary, a travel through time and imagination! 
    Despite my poem book looking rather childish and unprofessional, I am a bit sad that almost all the pages are used up, and that I'm coming towards the end of the book. So what I have decided too do, is go online and purchase more journals from the Heart2Heart brand. That way I can continue to write on colorful fun paper. 

   Here's a shot of me with my latest addition to the plushie family! Found this Professsor Zundapp plush listed on Ebay this past week and I just HAD to order him. 

Anyone else keep a poem book? 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Love of languages

   Hey there everybody! Today I wanted to talk about something that I love so much, and that something is languages! In my local used bookstore, they have this shelf that is organized by encyclopedias, dictionaries, phrase books, and language dictionaries. Hardly anyone looks there, so it gives me a better chance at finding good stuff. 
   You know, I heard that Tolkien was a real fan when it came to the study of other languages. And like him, I seem to have that same obsession. For example, when I find a new song that I like, I quickly search it up online to see if any covers of that song have been done in German, Icelandic, Norwegian, and well you get the idea. 
   It's fun looking through the pages of these books and reading out loud the words. Makes me wish I could put full on sentences together without any problems, but I'm nowhere near that stage. 
   I was planning on taking German next semester of college, but we'll see how it goes. 
   Langauge is an art! And also a song. Whenever I hear someone talk in another language, they aren't just speaking, to me their singing!

    Lovely readers from around the world! 
Your language is beautiful! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Beauty in loneliness

Beauty in loneliness

For there is great beauty
And wonder, in times spent dreaming alone
Leaning against a wise old tree
Not a soul for miles around
Feeling an uncontrolled desire to 
Breathe deeply, freeing all incased
Thoughts in marvelous song
Walks home, pleasant in the company of ones own person
Silence speaks and gets the chance to converse, whoever is willing to listen
Compare books to acquaintances, music as family 
Always present, with something to say 
With them, and myself 
It's really not so bad, to be alone. 

-Lynn N

   I wrote this up when I had sometime to myself at home. I thought to myself, you know what? Being alone sometimes is nice. Because it's in those times, where I start to become more creative with my words. 

Please take some time today to go and be alone for awhile,
you never know what will happen.

Tree Leaf is back

Yep it's true! Tree Leaf Jewelry is back with a vengeance! 
I got a spot at my churches women's Christmas boutique again this year. 
Last year I was themed on the hippie era, but due to the fact that it would
have been hard on my hands to whip up more than a hundred macramé 
necklaces in such short time. I have decided to make a more 
simpler necklace design. 
This year I have chosen to represent the 90's,
by making necklaces and chokers from that decade. 
By that I mean, tight ribbon chokers, velvet charm chokers,
tattoo chokers, and leather cord chokers. 
I have already collected most of what I will be needing for the chokers,
the only thing now is to start thinking about how I will decorate my booth? 
I have been brainstorming like crazy, but still no luck.
Hopefully something will come up! 

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(Source Google Images)

(Source Google Images)