Monday, July 28, 2014

Pirates And Presents

(Sorry about the poor picture) 

   So my little sister's birthday is coming up soon. And she had been wanting a pirate fairy doll for awhile now. And me being the good big sister that I am, got her the doll! But she 's not the only one who really wants this doll, I do as well! Back when Disney came out with the Pirate Fairy film, I began to take notice of the main character. Because who doesn't love a fairy/ pirate/ tough girl/ with great clothes and awesome hair?! Anyway I can't keep the doll from my sister, so thats's too bad for me. But seeing my little sister's happy face when she gets the doll, will make up for it.

Do any of you guys like fairies? :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Snake Bites And Books

So a couple weeks ago my ear piercings finally healed! 
And now I could start wearing other post style earrings. I took a trip to my local Claire's shop and purchased 2 pairs of post earrings. One is a pair of silver and white stars and the other is a pair of goofy looking snakes (I was looking for shark earrings but they didn't carry them). 
Changing my starter stud earrings was nerve wrecking, because I was scared that I was going to get an infection. But surprisingly I didn't. The bad thing about the snake earrings,  is that they are too heavy for me to be wearing at the moment, I only plan on wearing one at a time with another mismatched earring.

Nevertheless they are still pretty cool! 

I also finally spent the money on my Barnes and Noble birthday gift card. I used it to buy a diy crafting book. This book is one of my favorite craft books ever! Even though I hardly ever follow directions when it comes to crafting, I like to look at the pictures and in my mind start creating something that matches my style, which at the moment I don't know what it is! Sort of a hippie meets elven viking thing........ah I don't know! 

Ta da!!!! These are my star studs! I've been wearing these for about a week, 
and my ears are not getting irritated because of the sterling silver metal that these earrings are made from. It's a sad thing being sensitive to so many earrings, because the ones that are not for sensitive ears are always the ones I want to wear! 

How about you? Do you have sensitive ears? Or whats your favorite craft book? 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Lookbook | Funky Elf

Hi everybody!! 
So I have decided to start doing lookbooks again! Yay! 
I don't know why though? My style is wacky! 
And I highly doubt anyone could take any style inspiration from me!

Um, I'm going to start with my hair. I was inspired by Legolas's hair style. 
Of course it doesn't look as good, but I tried! 

  • Diy elven tank top (I got this shirt from my mom)
  • Black layering tank top (Uh I don't know where it came from) 
  • Diy ripped jeans (I found these jeans in the garage a while back) 
  • Chukka Boots (Are not shown, but are from Forever 21) 
  • Diy feather and bone hemp necklaces.

So yeah! That's it for this look! I hope to make these lookbooks a regular thing on this blog. 
So what are your thoughts on this outfit? Leave a comment below and I'll see you all next time! ^^

Monday, July 7, 2014

My 5 Favorite Inspirational Songs

We all have those certain songs that make us feel like we could soar! 
And those songs that make us so happy that we want to sing and dance! 
These five songs, just happen to be my inspiration!!

Whats your inspirational song? :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hey Guys| Random post

  Hi everybody!
I'm not really sure on what to call this post, so I'm just gonna call it a "random post".
I'm just gonna jot down what I've been doing since I last posted anything here!

  • I've been learning a lot of new songs on my ukulele. 
  • My ears have finished healing from ear piercing them.
  • I made an awesome Elven vest out of old material.
  • Drew a picture that was themed on one of Jonsi's songs (you can see it on my instagram)
  • I received my Toothless build a bear plush toy. :D :D :D
  • I've eaten way too many mangos! 
  • Trying to write a song. 
That pretty much sums it up for this week! It's amazing how that when you jot down what you've done in the past, you realize that you haven't done much of anything! Or maybe not nothing!! It was fun!! 
Yeah I have to get back in the blogging groove again!! 

You guys do something fun this past week? :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HTTYD 2 | HTTYD 2 Zinepack

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?! 

Well i'm doing great! Especially since I saw HTTYD 2 these past weeks! 
Now I want to talk about HTTYD 2 without giving away any spoilers. 
I absolutely loved it!!!!!! It was infinity legendary epic!!!! The best part of it was, that I felt as though I grew up with the characters (you know since their older now) and I'm older as well.  
It felt good seeing all my favorite characters again with a new story. Even though we lost one..........
(no spoilers!). 
If you plan to see it, I suggest you bring a lot of tissues, because you are going to cry!!!!!!!!! 

I also ordered this soundtrack pack from Walmart online. It comes with:
  • The HTTYD 2 Soundtrack CD
  • A mini magazine, with quotes, games, puzzles and lyrics. 
  • An iron on dragon patch (which I'm going to sew on to my hippie vest) 
  • And a reversible mini poster. 
I highly suggest that you buy this pack, it's sooooooooo worth it!!! 

Have any of you seen HTTYD2?! :)