Monday, December 15, 2014

Artsy tea and a job for me

The temperature is getting so cold over here.
That my tea consumption is sky rocketing dangerously. 

  A cold winters morning can only be tolerated with a nice cup of tasty tea, or "artsy tea" as I like to call it. Normally I don't go for the more favorable teas that come about during the holiday seasons, meaning that I am a plain Jane when it comes to choosing tea. But not this year! This year I have finally tried Trader Joe's vanilla & cinnamon black tea along with harvest blend herbal tea. Both very yummy and slightly sweet (I don't add any sweetener or cream to my teas), due to the apple/ orange flavor that the herbal tea has. Black tea, in my opinion tastes like black coffee with a hint of vanilla, or course it is less bitter, when I sampled it for the first time, I seriously thought I had drank coffee by accident. 
  Problem is, that being a person who is obsessed with TEMPORARY tea flavors, means that I will have to wait a year till they put it back on the shelves. Course, I'm not doing that, so instead, every time I take a trip to Trader Joe's, I fling a couple of tea boxes into the basket and then stash them like a squirrel in our pantry. 

  Call it obsessive behavior of tea, but I like to think of the beverage as an inspirational artist fuel. Whether it's playing music, reading, painting or writing, a warm yummy tea is always at my side. 

  Ok so with college over for a short while. I have had time to think about another important  requirement in a young adults life. And that's a job, yep I still don't have a job other than selling a couple pieces of jewelry here and there, but that's barely covering anything. It's not that I'm lazy or anything (which some say that I am), because I have applied to almost every shop, store, cafe and grocery store in my area, and nobody wants to hire me. I'm beginning to think that maybe the issue isn't about them not wanting my help, but more like they just don't want somebody that looks like me working behind their counters. I don't know, could be my hair, face, style of clothing or maybe they just don't like my personality. Whatever it is, I'm getting pretty discouraged. 
   I have looked into working at home kind of jobs, and so far the only thing that I qualify and know a lot about,  is artists work (There's also music, but I need more help with that). So I'm thinking about selling some of my paintings online in addition to selling jewelry. Hopefully....hopefully that will help some.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Guitar concert | Tree Leaf 2014

Whoa..I have't been on here since Thanksgiving week? 
Oh well, at least it was spent doing productive things,
instead of just being too lazy to write any posts. 

   Whew, I am exhausted from all the holiday events that took place this week. Seems like I just can't really get into the Christmas spirit with so much rushing around. As you probably all know (that is, if I ever mentioned it before on this blog), my guitar professors had planned out an end of fall semester guitar concert, involving my classical guitar and studio guitar class. 
   It went really well, even despite the fact that I was crazy nervous before and on stage. That's not saying I didn't make any mistakes though, because I made more than a few, hopefully no one heard them. 

  My beginners classes were given simple Christmas and semi latino classical guitar songs to preform, as a way to show off how we progressed over the season. After the concert, I thanked my classical professor for his teachings and told him I will be joining part two of his class in the spring. Which he was pleased to hear. And with that, I am currently waiting for my final grade. 
   Speaking on finals. I did ok, wish I could have done better though, I really messed up on my voice class. Luckily, I did a bit better on studio guitar. Now all that's left to do is wait for tomorrows history of rock tests. 

  So Tree Leaf Jewelry was open for business again. This time with a whole new look (Yeah, I plan to keep changing the look and theme of my shops jewelry every year, instead of just sticking to one thing). This years theme was a cross between industrial, dangerous, grungy and ugly, basically just plan chaotic. And as I said a while back, the jewelry theme was 90s inspired chokers and necklaces. 

Pretty lights huh? 

   As pretty as my sister and I thought our booth was. We got some pretty strange looks by some older women passing us by. But honestly I think we had the right mind set, when we set out to make youthful crafts for young kids and teens. Because sometimes craft shows are geared more towards older women with intense love for candles, cards and knitted hats. Not surprisingly, but this year I didn't sell that many items. Probably half of what I sold last year, which did have an effect on the amount of cash I made, $158.  
   But overall, I'm happy that I was able to sell again this year. Maybe next year I'll go for comic book themed jewelry or possibly, my sister and I could paint up some nerdy christmas cards. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

List of thankfulness

Well it's Thanksgiving tomorrow.
And what better way of celebrating then writing done a thankful list. 
A proper list of gratitude and a list that is randomly strange. 
Please excuse my crummy left handed writing. 

  1.  Home, that comfortable little nook that I love returning to after a long day at college. 
  2. Family, the only people in the world that actually tolerate and understand my ways of thinking.
  3. My lovely, lovable, adorable, cutie Cocker Spaniel. 
  4. Music, how on earth would I survive without you? 
  5. Pencils, paper, paint, beads, hemp, stickers, charms and glue...oh how I love you.

That concludes the practical list, now onto the other list.

  1. Because it is the best film ever! 
  2. What's not to love about Marvel? They created characters like: Thor, Quicksilver, Bucky Barnes and Baron Von Strucker. 
  3. Take away the not so good things about hippies, and your left with some pretty cool people. 
  4. Bob Dylan is the best! His poetry, his singing, his quotes and just himself. 
  5. This is slightly embarrassing, but yes I still love toys and action figures, only I own them for collecting purposes. 

Now these pitiful small lists do not cover everything else I'm thankful for,
and I don't think any list ever will. I'm going to keep being thankful,
to the end of my days.

I know this is random, but here is a small watercolor painting 
of the evil version of Elsa that never made it to the movie. 
And honestly, I think she is far more beautiful with short black hair. 
This watercolor also included something that I just started experimenting with,
that would be white ink. I thought for sure it was going to be transparent and dull,
but I'm really surprised by how opaque it is. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Smashing a smashbook

Literally, I felt like I really did smash a book, 
while trying to pierce holes through the cover 
so the rings could go through. 

   Yes I am now the very proud owner of a K&company smashbook! So I went into TJ Maxx near my house the other day, just to see what kind of good stuff they may have (around the holiday season, TJ Maxx sells the best stuff), and just so happened to wander into my favorite aisle in the store. The books and journals aisle, and their right before my eyes was the book I have been greedy for! After the shock wore down a bit, my sister and I began rummaging about the shelves finding different varieties of smashbooks. She chose the international travel book and the mod book. For me, I was looking for one that had the least decorated paper inside, because I had plans to use it as more as a writing book than a scrapbook. So in the end I chose the retro version. 
   Now while my book is amazingly great, I thought I needed another one that would fit in my purse better, and that was more customized to fit my taste (not that the K&company book wasn't my style or anything). So after hour upon hour, I came out with my own smashbook that suits my hippie flower lovin self! 

Inside cover of the K&company smashbook, with a few doodles about me. 

  Can't really say much more about the store bought book (since there's no actual smashing going on other than just one poem inside), I think I'll move along to the handmade book. So the cover is made from an old oatmeal box covered in a grocery store shopping bag, then piled on by many random bits and bobs that I cut and drew. The inside is lined with fabric scraps that I had lying around, followed by a self encouragement sketch of myself and a quote from a song below. 

   Next comes the pages. They are random sheets of paper that were just around the house that I chose specifically on how good they would be for writing on. Paper such as, old unused scrapbook paper, graph paper, old brown shopping bags, envelopes, plain paper, colorful lined paper and drawing paper. Which are all being held by two binder rings. 

  Again, the same book, but now we are at the back cover, viewing a self sketch with more encouraging words, with a Bob Dylan quote to finish it off. 

  Last but not least, the outside back cover, featuring a random scene of a musical happy vibe of  insanity. 
  I absolutely adore my book, every inch of it! Even though it totally goes way off from a bookmakers standards of perfection, not to mention the cutting is crooked and sloppy, the pages are uneven and it's clearly not as pretty as the ones you see on Etsy or Pinterest. Even so, It's made to suit me and me only, so that's all that really matters.
  I encourage you guys to please at least once in your life, make a journal that is fitting to your taste before going out to buy one. The store bought ones, can only do so much, but you know exactly what you like and don't like, meaning the only one who should be allowed to bind you a book, is yourself. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Dread update | Love lockets| Smashbooks

I wanted to do a late dread update this week,
because my dreads turned one month old already! 

   So here are my babies at one month old. Still pretty delicate and soft, but their starting to form more on their own, and pretty soon I'll be able to remove the hair bands on my lower half of the head. Yes they are my perfect little dreadies, the only problem is that they are trying to congo (Congo means, that two dreads are becoming stuck together and will grow together if given the chance) which is bad because I don't want a head of matted joined together dreads. So I have been trying my best to pull them apart from each other, and when I do, they make this ripping sound and I get nervous that I'm hurting them. So right now my head is kind of sore from all that pulling and ripping. 

   I think this may be the cutest thing I have every thought of doing. I found this old heart locket that was missing the chain, so I replaced it with a leather cord and began to start thinking about what I should put inside of it. After a lot of hard thinking and debating on when whether I should put in a photo of my dog or someone else. It hit me, why not put in the thing I love the most in my room? My guitar and ukulele! So as you can see there is now a photo of my uke inside and behind that photo lies 
another photo of my guitar and I. This locket will be a shocking disappointment to everyone that closely knows me and expects to find a picture of themselves inside, only to find out that the thing I love the most was really my instruments. 

   So I'm coming down to the last few pages in my poetry journal, and anxiously searching around for a new one that I could start. That's when, while searching around the journaling section of Pinterest, I came across this new trend called smashbooking. I began to start searching all over the internet for a better definition on what smashbooking is. It's really a mix of journaling and scrapbooking, only they say it's for the person who doesn't have time to prepare a full on scrapbook page. My definition, it's just a lazy version of memory making. Basically, you just go wild! Writing and pasting whatever you want without worrying if it's perfect. Thought about making my own and buying a book from the Smashbook brand. Hopefully I'll find one soon and continue my poem writing journey.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Traveling poet | Vegan problems

I always like to write poetry from different locations 
every time. 
Sort of helps with inspiration and keeps my writing fresh.
It's great that my Nana's front porch has comfy chairs, 
along with various plants.
Makes it the perfect place to relax and whip out my notebook.

    Adventure could come from anywhere and I truly believe that. But sometimes it's great to actually go somewhere different and new (other than the benches of my college). I don't travel much, but when I do I waste no time in writing something inspired by the trip. 

( Little Ivy being a good dog and patiently waiting for my creativity to flow.)

(This dog never sits still to have her picture taken.) 

  How pretty are those flowers? Another thing I tried this week was writing while walking around aimlessly. Tried that yesterday as soon as I was let out of class, I whipped out my notebook (by now probably journal) and just began to write a short poem with my nose buried deep into the pages. Definitely a new experience, but one that needs to be done carefully otherwise you might crash into something, then there's the risk of people thinking your crazy. But it's ok right? Your doing art, people think your insane? Your probably doing something right. 

   How hard is it to travel when your the only vegan in the family? Hard! Because my family stops by restaurants that aren't friendly to vegans, which results in me having to wait awhile for us to stop by a store so I can pick up something to eat (Fruit is usually what I get in these situations, because no preparation is needed). Than comes the trail of questions and nutrition advice from family members once they find out about my vegan diet. Luckily I came somewhat prepared this time and brought most of my fruit stash, along with some nuts and oatmeal from home. 
   Good thing the many trips to Walmart gave me the opportunity to pick up a few groceries for the long weekend. Stuff like: more fruit, vegetables and a yummy watery asian noodle thing that I've never tried before. 
   If theres one word of advice I could give to all traveling vegans, it would be: prepare, prepare, prepare. Always plan out how your going to survive a trip before you go. Don't assume that vegan food will be available or easily accessible everywhere. Better safe than sorry.