Friday, July 31, 2015

Hippie Haul | Vegan Tumblr

Hey guys! I have a small bit of news to share, that I'm excited about. 
But let's save it for the end. 

    So I know I usually post about my hair on the first day of every month, but today I wanted to show a small preview of what's been going on before my dreads turn 10 months old tomorrow. I wrapped five of them in thin pale green and glittery beige yarn in a crisscrossed pattern (As to not suffocate my dreads). I'm thinking about posting a tutorial on dread wrapping right here, but you could probably find more help on YouTube.  So stay tuned everybody! The full turn around of my hair will be coming up soon. 


  Recently after the Summer Social, I find myself taking a break from painting and such, to return back to an old hobby favorite. Making hemp jewelry! It's been quite awhile since I've knotted together pieces of cord and made jewelry out of it. Think the urge to knot again came from when my mom got a small hemp necklace kit for my sister to work on. And seeing her disinterest in the craft, made my hands itch to begin knotting as I had done about a year ago. And so I did! As you can see I made two necklaces in about two hours time, with the cord provided in the kit. Now plain as day do the beads not follow a specific pattern, and do not match each other, that is because these necklaces are for my personal use only and I don't really care much about getting the beads to match exactly. I think they look pretty and more unique when all the beads are different. 

     Now here is a mini "Hippie" Haul for you all! 

A butterfly wind chime - Dollar Tree
 (I have a thing for decorative chimes)

A tea pot themed charm set and a Gypsy Soul pendant - Michael's Crafts
(I already made the gypsy pendant into a necklace, as you can see in the picture before this.)

A bar of peppermint Dr.Bronner's Soap -Trader Joes
(I have been wanting a vegan soap for awhile now, and finally decided to get one in bar form,
because the one I used before was in liquid form.) 


  The "big" news I wanted to share with you guys was that I just opened a vegan themed blog! A blog where I will be posting "What I eat in a day-s", recipes, photos, reblogging from other vegans and answering any questions that you guys may have about this lifestyle.  
   A few weeks back, I tried making a habit of posting what I ate that day, but for me posting that kind of stuff would annoy my followers (mainly though family members). Plus I needed a social network that my relatives hardly go to, so I chose Tumblr. So if you want, you can hop on over to my site and even follow if your interested, I'm always around, ready to have fun and help!

Tumblr -----> A Vegan Fairy

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Social | Vintage Haul

Whew! What a long and exciting week this has been! 
From VBS to selling art, there wasn't a dull moment! 
Luckily it has slowed down now, and I finally have the chance to tell you guys all about it. 

(These photos were taken by my mom) 

This past Saturday was the day that marked the long anticipated Summer Social, 
a day where all the church ladies young and old came to worship, chat, eat and shop around for cute 
handmade items. Above is a picture of my booth all set up and ready a day before the event. 

A big thank you to my lovely and helpful crafter in crime, also known as my sister.

I sold both the two paintings displayed on the easels that day, one for $15 and the other for $30. 
To be honest I didn't think anyone would be interested in buying these paintings. Funny thing 
is, now that there gone....I miss them. 

My sister had her share of the table, in which she sold here trading cards and hand painted gift tags.

We both sold a reasonably good amount of postcards and received many complements from buyers and lookers. 

We didn't sell any of these smaller canvases but people loved them nonetheless. 

I sold two bottle cap necklaces the first two minutes that the booth was open. 

The fairy plaque sold for $20, and as before I did not expect anyone to buy it. 
But you just never know what people are looking for or are interested in. 

Ha! I could never leave a craft show without buying a little something or SOMETHINGS first. 
There was one lady who was selling very low priced vintage items, and of course that sucked me right in. I purchased the mini tea set (made in England) for $15. 

(You guys know me, I'm a jewelry FREAK) 

I also bought some vintage accessories, such as: This small handbag and three necklaces. 
both the jewelry and bag cost $5 a piece. 

Check out this odd looking pendant! It's like a picture of a sailboat made out of different types of pearls. Also the mini small came from a different seller and only cost me $1. I thought it was cute because the guy is playing a classical guitar for the girl, and as most of you know I play the classical guitar, so this was just perfect! 

So in the end I made $214! Which was equally as successful as the Junk-in-the-Trunk craft show back in June. I am very thankful for being able to sell there at my church a third time in a row and for the amount I made as well as for my sister, who was there every step of the way! And of course to God, because of Him all this was possible! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pretty Little Things | Late Birthday Gift

I wanted this post to have more pics then words, 
but something tells me that I won't be able to keep that. 

These are the Creativity Butterflies. And they just kissed my brushes and pens, 
meaning that my brushes have been given the gift of creativity today! Yay! Now
I can paint some more pretty things (Particularly fairies). 

I recently received my order of watercolor print postcards, which I am preparing to sell at the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Summer Social event on July 18. If your in the neighborhood, I would highly 
recommend you to stop by their artisan faire. My sister and I will be there and we would love to have you come by and chat with us! 

Just thought I'd make your day brighter by capturing the energetic smile of this child fairy! 


  Oh my goodness! How on earth did my grandma know I wanted a rice cooker?! She came by today for a visit and gave to me a late birthday present, which just so happened to be one of the things that I have been itching to buy myself. I thanked her many times over and then quickly cleaned it out, before making a batch of fresh brown rice. Seriously this is a vegans dream come true! 
   Not only does it cook rice, but it also saut├ęs and steams vegetables. Now I don't have to clean out many pots and pans or worry about cooking in the same pots that meat has been placed in before. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Marvel and Frozen Melodies

*Spiderman theme song* Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen,
Does whatever a spider can! 

  So I am obsessed with the character of Spider-Gwen! And really why wouldn't I be? She and I share the same first name (Yes my full name is Gwendolyn), she is charming, cute and so so perfect! In honor of her awesome-ness I have decided to paint an acrylic picture of her on a wooden board. Which I hope to finish before next week so that I can put it up for sale during the Artisan Faire coming up soon. As you can clearly see she is a work in progress, her colors are choppy, the shading is weak and the lines need to be smoother, so I have a lot of work cut out for me. 

  I stopped by a comic shop and bookstore the other day and picked up these little numbers. I thought the comic was so cute because it was about how Bucky spent his life as a kid and then later became a sidekick to Captain America. Now to be honest with all of you, I am NOT a Frozen fan, I think Frozen is overrated and not that good a film overall. But I was looking for something fun to play on my guitar and piano, so I pushed out all my dislike for the film and bought the songbook anyway. And right now I am practicing on the song "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" which is coming along pretty good, I may just make a video of myself playing it and post it here sometime. 

Well that's all I wanted to talk about before I go into celebration mode tomorrow.
Tomorrow is my brothers 19th birthday and I am crazy excited to celebrate with him! 
Happy birthday to any of my readers who have a birthday on July 9th! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

9 Month Old Dreads Update

Here is the monthly dread update!

   Now that my dreads are becoming stronger and tighter, I am less fearful about wrapping them and beading them temporarily, which explains why I have a plastic butterfly toy wrapped on a dread near the front of my face. I had a wrap that was crisscrossed over two congo-ing dreads and it helped bind them together better. 
   What I also noticed from this update, is that the curly tips of my locks are beginning to bend upwards and bind themselves together with the loose hairs near the tips (as you can see with the dread that I am holding up). I get the feeling that some of my dreads will have blunted tips rather then brush tips. 

Made a headscarf bow from the left over portion that I cut off from my DIY kimono.

  Yep! My dreads are looking real good, but one thing that has been bothering me a lot about my hair, is the bangs! I've gone from long bangs, side swept and now blunt bangs (All cut by me), and still I don't like it. I left my bangs undreaded because I thought it would look better, but that's not the case at all! So I was thinking that once my bangs start to grow longer, I'll separate it and then dread the hair.  

So that's all for this update, can't wait to see what happens next month! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Last few days of June

Uh boy....I left you guys hanging again didn't I? 
Wondering perhaps where I was and what I was doing?
Well I'll smash the "exciting" stuff in this one post. 

(I hate bathroom selfies) 

  Ok so after about two weeks in stalling to finish my Winter Soldier arm, I am pleased to announce that it is complete and finished! All that was left to do was paint the red star on the upper arm, oh and add a shoulder strap. Now I something to bring to the premier of Captain America Civil War!. 

   My mom drove my sisters and I to the beach for a few hours, and that was fun... except for the part where I became BADLY sunburned on my upper back and the tops of my feet. 

 Finally found the ORIGINAL Paddington stories at my bookstore, the first half part to the book that I already own (which is the second half). Of course it's newer and in a lot better condition then the one I found at a used book sale, but it's absolutely perfect and the stories are bursting with joy and laughter! Read it yesterday morning before the sun came out and it brightened my day!

(Excuse my mis-matched decor)

  Here I am "Modeling" or attempting to model my brand new all black kimono made from an old scarf I found. It took me about 45 minutes to create and it fits like a supposed-to-be-loose glove! Now I only hope I wear it often! I don't usually like wearing clothing that is long, loose and draped, because I'm those kind of clumsy people who get caught on everything! 


  Oh and I had my first hemp class session  last Thursday. It went well, probably would have went a lot better if I explained things clearer and wasn't so nervous. Maybe next time I'll be more talkative. 

(I forgot your supposed to capitalize the "g" in God, and all my stamps are in lowercase. I'm going to have to paint over that and uppercase the "g") 

   This is the gift that I was going to give my mom on her birthday but didn't make it in time because the paint was really wet. So I finished it today and stamped on it one of her favorite verses. She did have a great birthday by the way, I accompanied my canvas gift with a Macy's gift card. 


  Last topic I want to cover (I swear I'm almost done) is that I signed an application for a church junior camp to become a camp counselor. I still haven't heard back from anyone, but I'm hoping I will.  On top of that I also signed up to help out in my churches VBS event, which is coming up soon, I'm hoping that I'll get to help out with the crafts. 

Well that was my busy week, I really need to stay on top of things here so everything doesn't pile up.