Friday, November 21, 2014

Dread update | Love lockets| Smashbooks

I wanted to do a late dread update this week,
because my dreads turned one month old already! 

   So here are my babies at one month old. Still pretty delicate and soft, but their starting to form more on their own, and pretty soon I'll be able to remove the hair bands on my lower half of the head. Yes they are my perfect little dreadies, the only problem is that they are trying to congo (Congo means, that two dreads are becoming stuck together and will grow together if given the chance) which is bad because I don't want a head of matted joined together dreads. So I have been trying my best to pull them apart from each other, and when I do, they make this ripping sound and I get nervous that I'm hurting them. So right now my head is kind of sore from all that pulling and ripping. 

   I think this may be the cutest thing I have every thought of doing. I found this old heart locket that was missing the chain, so I replaced it with a leather cord and began to start thinking about what I should put inside of it. After a lot of hard thinking and debating on when whether I should put in a photo of my dog or someone else. It hit me, why not put in the thing I love the most in my room? My guitar and ukulele! So as you can see there is now a photo of my uke inside and behind that photo lies 
another photo of my guitar and I. This locket will be a shocking disappointment to everyone that closely knows me and expects to find a picture of themselves inside, only to find out that the thing I love the most was really my instruments. 

   So I'm coming down to the last few pages in my poetry journal, and anxiously searching around for a new one that I could start. That's when, while searching around the journaling section of Pinterest, I came across this new trend called smashbooking. I began to start searching all over the internet for a better definition on what smashbooking is. It's really a mix of journaling and scrapbooking, only they say it's for the person who doesn't have time to prepare a full on scrapbook page. My definition, it's just a lazy version of memory making. Basically, you just go wild! Writing and pasting whatever you want without worrying if it's perfect. Thought about making my own and buying a book from the Smashbook brand. Hopefully I'll find one soon and continue my poem writing journey.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Traveling poet | Vegan problems

I always like to write poetry from different locations 
every time. 
Sort of helps with inspiration and keeps my writing fresh.
It's great that my Nana's front porch has comfy chairs, 
along with various plants.
Makes it the perfect place to relax and whip out my notebook.

    Adventure could come from anywhere and I truly believe that. But sometimes it's great to actually go somewhere different and new (other than the benches of my college). I don't travel much, but when I do I waste no time in writing something inspired by the trip. 

( Little Ivy being a good dog and patiently waiting for my creativity to flow.)

(This dog never sits still to have her picture taken.) 

  How pretty are those flowers? Another thing I tried this week was writing while walking around aimlessly. Tried that yesterday as soon as I was let out of class, I whipped out my notebook (by now probably journal) and just began to write a short poem with my nose buried deep into the pages. Definitely a new experience, but one that needs to be done carefully otherwise you might crash into something, then there's the risk of people thinking your crazy. But it's ok right? Your doing art, people think your insane? Your probably doing something right. 

   How hard is it to travel when your the only vegan in the family? Hard! Because my family stops by restaurants that aren't friendly to vegans, which results in me having to wait awhile for us to stop by a store so I can pick up something to eat (Fruit is usually what I get in these situations, because no preparation is needed). Than comes the trail of questions and nutrition advice from family members once they find out about my vegan diet. Luckily I came somewhat prepared this time and brought most of my fruit stash, along with some nuts and oatmeal from home. 
   Good thing the many trips to Walmart gave me the opportunity to pick up a few groceries for the long weekend. Stuff like: more fruit, vegetables and a yummy watery asian noodle thing that I've never tried before. 
   If theres one word of advice I could give to all traveling vegans, it would be: prepare, prepare, prepare. Always plan out how your going to survive a trip before you go. Don't assume that vegan food will be available or easily accessible everywhere. Better safe than sorry. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Love was in the air

Hello again everybody!
I'm back with many things to show and tell, 
so here we go! 

   Not going to start at the very beginning of our trip (because it was long, and no one wants to hear about my sister and i listening to random junk on an ipod) so I'll begin right on the wedding day. 
   From the moment we all woke up, my grandma's house was hustling and bustling to and fro with things to do. Of course that included me (and I'm a slow person), in fact I was the last one to get myself ready because I was keep being called to help someone else. Never moved so quickly in all my life, first my mom had me curl and style my sisters hair, then I had to makeup their faces, out of the blue my grandma (or Nana as we call her) wanted me to help wrap her gift for her. 
   Finally after all that was over, there was a little time for myself. I rapidly got dressed up and then pulled out my disordered makeup pouch. Makeup was I guess pretty simple and usual, other than applying white eyeshadow and layer after layer or mascara. Next came my hair. Before hand I had purchased some of those decorative hair elastic things so I could tie back my dreads, sadly it didn't work because my head started to hurt real bad half way through the wedding and I had to take it off (which of course my dreads decided that, that day was a good day to look like a messy pirate).

(Aw random picture of a dead buggy bug, first thing I saw when I entered the wedding) 

   Entering the wedding was indeed a real jaw dropper, can't believe how much my cousin and aunt outdid themselves with such creative vintage inspired decor! 

(The groom waiting for my beautiful beautiful cousin to arrive) 

(Aww look at these cutie little fairy girls) 

(Little retro dudes) 

(And that's my cousin with her dad) 


(Took these shots so I can pretend I was some kind of professional photographer) 

(Seriously though, these pics are all out of order) 

(Hey got to have fun somewhere!) 

  Still can't believe this all happened though. My cousin is married and gone forever (well not forever, but you know what I mean), And I am sure going to miss her and all the fun we had together as kids.
  I hope she lives a great new life with her husband and enjoy's it every step of the way.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Gold minded child

Little child of four 
Stepping through the golden door
Spinning in the sun 
Oh the things you have done

A thought of the stars 
A thought of the moon
The sight of mars 
In the late afternoon

Take a long walk 
But do not block 
You're imagination sweet 
That is to keep 


So I won't be around to post anything new this weekend. But after all the busyness and rushing around is over, there will be time for me to post something new.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bumble bee busy week

Music practice 
College tests and reports
Sister's birthday 
Yep! It's going to be a busy week. 

Top: Macy's - Skirt: H&M - Shoes: Tilly's

   So this week sounds pretty crazy and jammed packed with non stop activities and events. Such as the tests I have to take, the reports I have to write. I'm lucky that I enjoy studying about the subjects, otherwise I'd be dead. While on the topic of school, my professors are planning all these holiday concerts in the very near future, which is cool, considering it will be the very first time I ever preformed on stage. That's not to say that I'm not worried about being on stage though, messing up or losing my place in a song will be down right embarrassing if I don't practice harder, which I do or at least try to. 
   The other events (not school related), have to do with fun and making memories. This week is my little sister's birthday, she's turning 13 (Ah I remember that year), the starting of the teenage decade. Already picked out a gift for her (a waffle maker, the kid loves waffles for some reason). My family is probably going to do the usual for her, meaning she will wake up to a yummy breakfast, then getting showered by gifts, followed by fine dining at a fancy restaurant. 
   But that's not all....oh no no no! Then lastly comes the biggest event I have ever been invited to in my life ( and I'm hardly invited anywhere). My cousin is getting married in few days. Still can't believe it though, seems like just yesterday we were 10 years old and maybe causing some mischief, now she's getting married and I'll probably hardly see her again. 
    My cousin getting married is, I guess a good thing..the thing I'm worried about is *dramatic music* WEDDINGS!! Never liked weddings (Ok maybe because I only got invited to one wedding in my whole life). 
   To give you a bit of understanding on why I dislike these ceremonies. They take forever to get ready for, they are stressful, they are loooooooooong, many unknown family members will be there,  and I will have to say hello to all of them and lastly they are boring. Sounds so mature of me right? Hopefully I can survive this one. 
Trying to decide on which necklace would go better.

  So above is the outfit I will be wearing to the wedding. Can't tell you how hard it was to find all the pieces to create this look. I'm one of those people what has a really hard time finding anything nice to wear, and when occasionally I do, I have a tendency to make even the finest of clothing look awful when I wear it. But no more ranting, this is the outfit I have chosen, and I will try to have a good time at this wedding. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

You were my mission

I didn't get those new batteries yet! 
I'm going to regret doing this post with poor pics,
because it doesn't do this jacket any justice. 

   I mentioned before that I have been wanting to create a Winter Soldier hoodie, for the purpose of just wearing it around and feeling like I'm something cool (not related to anything Halloween). I did some searching online and found a couple of good tutorials
   Quickly I set to work in gathering my materials for this difficult project. There was the issue of using my best black hoodie for this, because I wasn't sure if I should take the risk and chop the arm off my favorite article of clothing. Eventually I broke down and did it anyway. Coincidentally,  all the stuff that I would need for this, was already in my closet, like two hoodies (a black one for the body and a grey one for the arm), a sewing machine, black, red and white fabric paint (the white was regular acrylic paint, but the tutorial said it was ok to use it), and then of course some painting skills, with a bit of fangirl determination. 
    A snip, stitch and some brush strokes here and there, and my hoodie was completed in about 6 hours (of course I had to wait the next day for the paint to dry). Boy was it worth all that work! It looks amazing and almost realistic from a far away view. Way better than spending $40- $100 on one of these in stores, mine cost me absolutely nothing! 
    Posted it on Instagram the night it was finished, and everybody loved it! I'm very thankful for that. 

I'm with you, till the end of the line. 
-Bucky Barnes 

Flexing my fake metal muscles. 

Peace out guys! 
See you next time!