Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Frederick Noad and Madame Ink

From now on call me maestro,
nah just kidding!

  During the beginning of the semester week, my classical guitar professor and I were talking about my schooling, classes and stuff like that, and he told me about this book written by a fellow named Frederick Noad that would come in handy for my playing. So as you can all guess I ordered the book and it just came in today. I bought it off used from amazon and it cost me about $14 with shipping, I mention used just so you guys won't think that I am some kind of book destroyer, nope the damage was done by someone else. Now all I've gotta do is tell my professor that it came and maybe receive farther instructions. 

   So my jewelry brand Tree Leaf Jewelry no longer exists anymore. Now don't get worked up! Because now I've renamed my shop to Madame Ink  , which now sells more than just jewelry, but also includes: my artwork (sold in photo prints and mini canvases), paper crafts, cards, fairy jars, cutesy home decor and much more. Yeah I kind of felt restricted with the other shop name and wanted to display more of my other works, that plus Tree Leaf is such a common brand name in one way or the other that I decided to find a more unique name or at least one that hasn't been used much. 

  I will be adding these two prints on my shop tonight, if anyone is interested in them. They cost $3 each and are printed on 4x6 photo paper. 

Instagram: @madameink_art 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Song of Gelato Pizza

Clever title, that's what happens when your 
studying poetic words. 

  So week two has gone pretty good at college, nice weather, friendly people and some new song sheets to study up on. In voice class I have to memorize a four page scottish folk song called: My Love is like a Red Red Rose, which has a nice melody to it and I guess fits my low voice range quite well (even though I struggle a bit.) Now I tend to memorize things real fast when I'm nervous about class assignments, so all four pages are already memorized in the old noggin.  Classical and studio guitar was assigned song sheets to work on. They are complicated and confusing but I'm determined to get through all of them with a lot of practice, and fear of failure nervousness! 

  Every year a couple months before my birthday, I buy one large gift for myself (as a treat.) And this year I decided to buy a 36 piece case of tutti fruity oh so yummy Gelatos! I know, I couldn't believe the name either, but these little guys are such a big hit in the mixed media world that I had to try them out for myself, which I have and they work amazing!! So satisfied with the pigment results and the beautiful creamy way of applying colors to paper. Now this set barely came yesterday and as a way to test them, I made a fairy paper doll with the black and green Gelatos shading her clothing and wings. 
  So yeah, I am a very happy early birthday girl! 

  Someone messaged me the other day about the zucchini crust pizza I made for dinner. They asked me if I could give them the recipe for it. Now I'm not good at giving instructions, but I'll post a link to the recipe I used and slightly altered. 

 I followed the directions only to the point of cooking quinoa (because I was lazy and couldn't wait that long,) and spraying my baking sheet with oil (because I'm an oil free type of vegan.) Now whether it changed the end results for the crust I do not know, but it did all stick together and make a crust with a tortilla like thinness. I topped it off with some herbed tomato paste sauce and random veggies I had on hand.  The taste was delicious and definitely worth making again and again. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pack full of Valentines

Ok not really full of Valentines,
more like loaded with assignments. 

(Only a week in college, and already my pack weighs a ton.) 

  Well everyone, I completed my first week of college, and have already begun my second. I have almost forgotten how tiring it is, but thankfully, (and I've said this before) I am glad to be studying something I love. 
  My first day started with voice and I was immediately assigned a song to memorize and sing for this week (Which I have), classical was just an orientation with a brief conversation with my professor about private lessons and scholarships, next day came creative writing, which was indeed creative and thought provoking (can't wait to go deeper in depth with explanation) but ended at 10pm! Now that wouldn't be a problem if I was someone who didn't sleep early, but I am and it's kind of hard to stay awake through the last hour. Day after that came voice lab and studio guitar, which was again a orientation, and lastly came piano which I just adored! Never before have I played on anything other than strings so this was a whole new experience, one that has made me all joyful and giddy to discuss about. 

 Never really been a big fan of the Valentine holiday, but being as it is a holiday where the objective is to give out cards handmade or not, I can set aside my dislike for it and enjoy the crafty part of it. 
 This year I have decided to go with a vintage mixed media theme, and instead of cards I'd go with tags, tags that will be tied onto little tasty treats. I told my littlest sister that together we would bake some heart shaped pie pops and arrange them into a bouquet for the whole family to enjoy, that plus I also had an idea to bake a vegan strawberry shortcake for my grandparents, which I hope they won't notice a slight change in taste. 

 (Yes I read all the books before I've seen the films.) 

  Ok so lately I have been strangely interested in watching Jane Austen films,  and if you know me well, my younger self would have never dreamed of watching any film book based that wasn't Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. But I guess I'm getting old and slower in my movie tastes, now it has me searching YouTube for the full versions of Jane's films. So far I've only seen Emma (1996) and half of Persuasion (2007), I like to take my viewing in parts so I don't sit around for two hours looking at my device. I plan on seeing all of them and when I'm done, maybe I'll do a post about it. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

4th month dreads| Prepared for college

Well maybe not as prepared as I hoped. 

 Yay this new month brings a reason to celebrate! And the reason is, my dreads have just turned four months old! So after four months, I began to notice my baby dreads taking a new tighter form on their own. I still am not doing any maintenance on them, other than just separating them from each other, though I have let a couple of dreads congo together, because they were too thin and others were just too stuck together to separate anymore, which then resulted in a small beaver tail like dread on the back of my head. 

  And here is the back, all curly and messy. When I look at my hair in the mirror, I am sometimes disappointed that my dreads don't even look much like dreads yet, instead they look more like badly curl ironed ringlets. But that's the thing about dreads (especially no maintenance), you can't do much to them or fix them, you just have to go with the flow and enjoy the journey. I know my dreads are no where near mature, and they won't always look like this, so it's best I stay patient and love them for what they are. 

  Well my semester break is up, and it's time to go back to being a college student again. I've done quite a bit to get back in the groove of school, though I have kind of let my waking hours slack off a wee bit. 
Now what exactly have I done to prepare myself? Well, I changed the strings on the guitar I am going to take with me to college, I dumped out all the old papers and assignments from my backpack (which weighed a ton), Added a new set of pages inside my Smashbook so I could write more poetry, Went to the school and got all the locations for each class correct and lastly decoupaged my school supplies. 
  So I guess I am now ready to return tomorrow, of course there will be times when I shall miss the days of not rushing around, but I'm anxious to restart my music classes. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

She travels

She Travels 

Farther along her hat feather blows
speaking poetically with the wind
as though it's wearer can hear

Her dress was of daisy satin 
twirling as Danish mills 
she spoke "dream" and "travel"

Oh it pained her so 
wishing a trade for a 
stitched handkerchief to bronze compass

Never fearing a stain to her lip 
or tear slashed at the cheek 

She bowed intensely before her book 
naming names of Africa the old pine hills
undoing quilts packing a case 
treading excitedly a farm path 

Pointed out by her nose 
turning crimson but blue 
from every whip of cold 
cutting at her swan-ly neck 

There she went 
and never returned 
free as the stars 
singing like a bird. 

-Lynn N 

 So I thought it might be a cool idea to start recording my poems on SoundCloud and then posting them up here along with the words to my poems. This probably won't happen with every poem that I write, just the ones that I feel are good enough to even be recorded. I also thought about later on, I could even include some ukulele tunes in the background and possibly turn some of my poems into short songs. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Book Haul| Art Giveaway

Haven't done a book haul in while now....scary, scary. 

  • Poems of flowers by many different poets.
  • Silas Marner by George Elliot.
  • The young Victoria by Alison Plowden. 
  • Six centuries of great poetry by different poets. 
  So here are the books from my recent trip to my libraries used bookstore. So many choices there but little pocket money, so the haul went down to only four books out of the eight I was holding in my hands. My favorite little shelf is (obviously) the poetry shelf, where I found the cute artsy flower poem book along with the great poetry book. Just recently I checked out a BIG thick book on post modern American poetry and finished it in about three days. Very intriguing it was, though I'd have to honestly say that maybe modern American poetry is not my cup of tea. As for the two other books in my haul, one was found in the literature shelf and the other in the world history section. I haven't really a clue about the Silas Marner story (I plan on that story being the next one on my reading list), as for young Victoria, I wanted something historic to read, particularly a story about a women, and seeing as though I rather enjoyed reading about King Henry, thought that another book on royalty would excite me indeed. 

  So I have had this idea for awhile now, an idea to start doing a few giveaways (mostly on Instagram but maybe sometimes on here). Now the idea is to share some of my artwork and craft projects with the world, and maybe bring a smile to their face, it has nothing to do with me getting recognized or making money, just sharing and caring is the name of my game! 
Here is the art piece that I am giving away. Every minute spent creating her was a joyful one, from painting, stamping, cutting, gluing, feathering and glittering she carries the works! Now what it is exactly, is a small picture frame wall hanging to decorate a desk or bedroom. 

She is themed on dreams and traveling.

Sporting glittered hair feathers. 

And can hang just about anywhere! 

Ok now to enter the giveaway is simple.
I will post a photo of her on my Instagram @hippieviking
And then, you can either repost that photo onto your account 
with the hashtag #treeleafgivaway. 
Or simply "Like" the photo and you will be automatically entered! 
The giveaway will end on January 31st,
and a winner will be announced! 
Winner will then email me at to claim prize.

See simple and easy! 

Good luck sunshines! :)