Saturday, January 24, 2015

Book Haul| Art Giveaway

Haven't done a book haul in while now....scary, scary. 

  • Poems of flowers by many different poets.
  • Silas Marner by George Elliot.
  • The young Victoria by Alison Plowden. 
  • Six centuries of great poetry by different poets. 
  So here are the books from my recent trip to my libraries used bookstore. So many choices there but little pocket money, so the haul went down to only four books out of the eight I was holding in my hands. My favorite little shelf is (obviously) the poetry shelf, where I found the cute artsy flower poem book along with the great poetry book. Just recently I checked out a BIG thick book on post modern American poetry and finished it in about three days. Very intriguing it was, though I'd have to honestly say that maybe modern American poetry is not my cup of tea. As for the two other books in my haul, one was found in the literature shelf and the other in the world history section. I haven't really a clue about the Silas Marner story (I plan on that story being the next one on my reading list), as for young Victoria, I wanted something historic to read, particularly a story about a women, and seeing as though I rather enjoyed reading about King Henry, thought that another book on royalty would excite me indeed. 

  So I have had this idea for awhile now, an idea to start doing a few giveaways (mostly on Instagram but maybe sometimes on here). Now the idea is to share some of my artwork and craft projects with the world, and maybe bring a smile to their face, it has nothing to do with me getting recognized or making money, just sharing and caring is the name of my game! 
Here is the art piece that I am giving away. Every minute spent creating her was a joyful one, from painting, stamping, cutting, gluing, feathering and glittering she carries the works! Now what it is exactly, is a small picture frame wall hanging to decorate a desk or bedroom. 

She is themed on dreams and traveling.

Sporting glittered hair feathers. 

And can hang just about anywhere! 

Ok now to enter the giveaway is simple.
I will post a photo of her on my Instagram @hippieviking
And then, you can either repost that photo onto your account 
with the hashtag #treeleafgivaway. 
Or simply "Like" the photo and you will be automatically entered! 
The giveaway will end on January 31st,
and a winner will be announced! 
Winner will then email me at to claim prize.

See simple and easy! 

Good luck sunshines! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Abundance in Diy's

I am on a DIY rampage! 

 I explained already in my last post, that I have been using every precious moment of my college break to create all the DIY projects I can possibly make! And so far I've made quite a few. Starting with some handpainted/decorated New Year's cards for grandparents and aunts. Each one is based on a memory that I have of them while visiting. I was a bit hesitant in posting pictures of these, because I'm trying to keep these cards secret, and I am hoping that my relatives don't find out about these before their sent. 

  Here is the inside of the cards, that I created to match the front. I thought it would be a cute idea to write out a short poetic verse on little tags that I glued inside. 

  Ok next one! Here are some Marvel inspired hair bows that I made for myself (Yes I wear hair bows and other strange clips in my hair). One is the Winter Soldier and the other is Magneto, two of my favorite.....what would you call them? I feel villain is too strong a word, because both the characters are reacting out of fear, and at times they have done their share of good does that make them heroes? Wow sidetracked! Well, these are going to be fun in incorporating with my wardrobe, and I plan to make more. 

  This one I love! First heard about this idea from watching a mixed media artist make one for herself. A  captured fairy they call it, which in my opinion is a sad name, because why would anyone want to keep a poor little fairy in captivity? That was what inspired me to create a fairy that had a desperate expression on her face, almost as if she wanted nothing more than to break out of the jar. Normally crafters make the fairies from vintage photos of children or women (usually found online), but I thought it would be better idea to draw and paint my own. 

  Next stop, Mad Hatter tea bottle necklace. I saw someone make this on Youtube and thought how cute it would be to own a necklace like that. So using old jewelry scraps I was able to make this piece in under an hour (Well there was the glue drying process). I have always loved the Alice in Wonderland story and the amazing craft projects that come inspired from it.  

 I have been obsessing over decoupage furniture lately, and I can remember saying that I always wanted to decoupage my desk and side table, so that's exactly what I did! Above is a picture of my side table all pretty and whimsical like with flowers and vintage fairies. Such a lovely look it brings to my bedroom, and inside the table I've made it into a writers supplies cubby, complete with journals, paper, pens and pencils. That way I won't have to run to my shelf and scramble for notebooks and pens when an idea strikes. 

  And here is my desk (or Hippie Workstation as I call it). This one required a bit of painting to the edges of each drawer, plus some pops of color from the knobs which are all painted different colors and sport a sharpie drawn black heart on each one. It's obvious I was going for a brighter color scheme when I did my desk, taking all my favorite bright colored pictures that I pinned on Pinterest. 

  Here are my fantasy jars that I have been crazy over. One is based on a DIY video I saw on YouTube,  and the other is based on Tolkien's Mirkwood forest elves. I do plan on making more of these in the future, based on other mythical creatures and stories. 
   So that's it...for now. All the DIY projects I have made so far, but I don't plan on stopping just yet. Nope! There are other things that I want to create first before I start school again. At the moment I am busy decorating my school binder with old sketches of mine that I have lying around. Well, I'd better get back to work! 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Forbidden read stories | writers rambles

Forbidden read stories

No one is allowed to read this story 
personality was carved in runes 
on Egyptian reed papyrus of the nile 

Sparks when a pen ripped pages 
causing only a heart to mourn 
alas words flew away for refuge was 
heard in Europe's libraries 

Hard without paper to write 
screaming quietly through January's frost 
of forbidden readings that lied 

Mended their own binding and twine stitch 
arranging unauthorized lectures in sentences 
bartered with others to read privately 

Became sold in Gypsy shops 
For irises that watch 

-Lynn N 

  Oh wow! I haven't been here in awhile. I must have gotten caught up with all my diy's to stop and talk about it here. Well I'm on semester break for about 2 weeks, and have been trying my best to cram in all the projects that I won't be able to do once the busy lifestyle of school starts. So it's kind of like I'm making something new everyday. 
   So glad that poetry is something I have time for at all times. And to tell the truth, I actually miss my college. The benches by the lavender plants were my favorite place to write poems, songs and just journal. Now that I'm on break, I can't go there anymore and I miss it. Oh well, at least I still have my cozy room and comfy bed to write on. Above is what I look like when I get up early in the morning, pull out my Smashbook and begin to write all the lines I had stashed in my head the night before.
   I would like to think that this is the real deal when it comes to writing. Photos on the internet (mainly Pinterest) sometimes portray a writer as someone who sits in a chic coffee shop or at a well organized desk, with a warm beverage by their side, followed by a nice arrangement of moleskin journals and writing tools (not saying always, if you like writing like that it's cool with me). When really, sometimes a writer may look like a messy haired pj wearing freak with no makeup, nice leather journals or pretty arrangements of pens and pencils. And that's ok! No one does things the same way, and I have never been known to do something normal or follow the rest of the crowd. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Songwriting journals with spider granny

Because songwriting is my medicine.

  Please allow me to talk more about journals and writing. My mother surprised me last week with a journal so incredible that I can't even think! It's a journal that is geared completely towards songwriting (how obvious right?). I've kept a couple songwriting journals in the past but never liked the paper much or the binding on the books that closed by themselves when I tried to write. Ok so this one does the same too, but at least it makes up for it with amazing inside content. The cover alone is enough to inspire me to jot down random lyrics and verses. Sure doesn't get any cooler than a banjo and guitar crossed together on a Hawaiian styled background. 

   Here is a look at the first few pages of the book, starting with a "how to" sort of page and then jumping into a couple pages of musicians and songwriters quotes on writing. Bob Dylan is included in there, so thats good. 

 Now here is the best part, the actual pages meant for writing lyrics and melodies. It's so cool because it has lines to write out the name, tempo, date, verses, chorus, bridge, notes and guitar chords. It's so organized that it puts my other journals to shame (well not really, there pretty cool). Now the only thing left to do, is wait a bit till a lyric or tune comes to mind, which shouldn't be too hard, since I do have a few little ideas here and there.

  Wanted to share this. Mr Classical finally has a necklace to wear around his neck, to symbolize that he belongs to me. Every one of my instruments has one, and I wear one as well, only mine come in the form of anklets and are made from the same thread that my guitars and uke wear (Guess you can say, that they are friendship bracelets for musical instruments). It simply is a way to show that I am connected with music and that my guitars (and uke) share the same dreams and musical ambitions as a family. 

  Bet you guys didn't know that I am a grandma? Bet you guys also didn't know that I have over one thousand great grandchildren? It's true! I am not lying. You see there was this time I had adopted a orphaned egg sack filled with spider babies, and placed them in a safe place where I waited for three months until they hatched and out came hundreds of tiny little cuties brand new and ready to see the world. Course I couldn't release them that same day because at the time it was raining really hard and I didn't want to lose a single one of my children. But it was soon time to let them go, and sad as it was, I placed their little box down near a bush in the park and watched as they all left.
  I'm assuming they had children of their own, and their children probably had children and so on and so on, thus meaning that generations of spiders could have come from the ones I raised, also meaning that, that would make me a great great great great great great grandma!
  Believing that it's true, because now spiders won't leave me alone. The other day I lifted my head after reading for hours, only to find tiny spiders dangling from the tips of my dreadlocks making little webs to and fro. That was very surprising.
  I'm telling you, nothing is more rewarding than knowing you helped a small part of the animal kingdom.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

DIY uke strap with a side of oatmeal

Ahahah! Yes now I have it! 
A handy dandy handmade ukulele strap! 

  So it's finally happened. I've been dreaming of having a uke strap for awhile now, to help me hold it up while I'm standing, because my wrists get real tired of having to strum and pick while supporting the uke up. Now I'm just so thrilled to have one! And not just any old overpriced standard strap you'd find online or in stores, but a custom handmade one that could guarantee no one else would ever have one just like it. 
  It all started while I was looking up pics on Pinterest, and wandering about through the uke boards. That's when I spotted a diy strap that some genius person had made for themselves. While their strap design was brilliant, I took it as a challenge to create my own way of making one. 
  So I rummaged through my closet, remembering that someone had given me some Aztec inspired ribbon and trim, then choosing my favorite, I found some slender flat cloth binding that would work perfectly for tying around the body of the uke without disturbing the strings. Sewing it all together was a cinch! Nothing fancy, nothing hard, just a straight stitch along the sides of the trim. 

  And here is the finished project! As you can see (well half of anyway) the blue trim goes around the body of the uke and ties at the top. I don't have to worry about it covering the sound hole much, because ukes are meant to be strummed slightly higher then right over the hole. The other half of the strap goes around the ukes neck, right between the nut and tuning pegs. I might have made the length of the strap just a bit bigger than needed, but that is in case I ever get a bigger ukulele (Which I'm thinking about doing soon). Now that I know handmade straps work perfectly fine, I can start making more of them in different colors and designs, to match whatever mood I'm in that day. 

  Someone suggested that I start posting about my vegan journey, which I guess I should...but food posting hasn't really been something that I am interested in. Nevertheless, maybe I could give it a try now and then. 
   Ok so I have been a vegan for about two years now, I'm still pretty new, still learning, but I have been enjoying it every step of the way.  Now how would I explain my ways of eating? Maybe through what I stay away from. So I of course don't eat any animal products, I stay away from artificial vegan junk food, I don't include oil in my food, salt is cut to a minimum, no sugar or fake sweeteners and no vegan powder stuff. So basically my diet is made up of, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, oats and any kind of bean. I'll try to make food a regular thing on this blog, no promises now.

Happy New Year you guys!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Year with poetry | Starring Ivy

With the year ending so soon,
I think it would be a fun idea to just talk for a bit about poetry/ songwriting. 

   Looking back a year ago, when I took a songwriting course for about 5 months, there was a sudden change in my views about writing, almost like a dusty old door had been shut for years, until the day I decided to unlock it and venture in, only to find...that I could never get out. 
  There was a whole new world to be found in writing, a whole new form of art to try and release more creativity. And it has, now I feel as though I am able to express myself even more with poetry than with art. It would always make me mad whenever I had a great idea for a song just suddenly pop into my head and then disappear forever because I would never think to pick up a pencil and write it down right away. When I think about it more, the sadder I become, but maybe this new hobby was meant to come to me at an older age. 
   So in total, I have written about 13 songs and maybe around 200 poems, some of my written songs I even sang and recorded (They are far from perfect). Someday in the future, when I've perfected my guitar playing and trained my voice better, I plan to put together a solo album containing 8 original songs. Who knows how it's going to happen, but it's a dream I'll strive for. 
   Oh my goodness! But it's not just songwriting and poetry that I've become obsessed with, but also the writing supplies as well! Whenever I walk into a store, there is a great urge to head toward all the notebooks and planners, things like colored sharpies and gel pens, ugh! I just love it all! The other day I was at Marshalls looking through their large selection of journals and feeling faint from so much prettiness! They carried so many in different sizes and colors, some with pretty decorative paper inside. I had to keep reminding myself that I already had two books that I needed to finish first before I could get a new one. 
   I've also been watching a ton of journaling/ smash booking/ planner videos on Youtube, where the writers and artists share their beautiful handy work to everyone and talk about how they put it all together along with what they write inside of it. I'm telling you, I could waste days on end watching those videos. 
   Haven't applied much of their techniques to my writing yet, mainly because I like to keep things simple when coming up with poems or songs. 
   With all that said, I am more than thankful to have developed a love for writing, in fact, I AM IN LOVE. 

(She loves being held, I swear.)

   Feeling like I never talk about or show any pictures of my squishy spaniel, so today will be different. 
 This is Ivy at three years old, hyperactive as ever yet grouchy most of the time. She's the kind of dog who will chase you all around the house wanting to be pet and played with, and then later wanting to chew your hand off for coming near things like socks that she's stolen from us (She has this weird obsession for smelly socks). 
  Whatever mood my little princess is in, I find adorable and can't be convinced otherwise. 
(Little chin rub) 

  I had this crazy idea run through my head a couple days ago. "How cute would Ivy look with her ears dyed blue?" Then I got to thinking again, "Hm, I don't want to use actual dyes, what if I used kool-aid packets instead?" Did a bit of research on it and so far haven't found anything on whether it would be harmful to dogs. So hopefully this week I will be able to buy a blue kool-aid packet and dye my dogs ears in time for New Years,