Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break | Music Studies

Big things are happening to me right now,
but more importantly I want to talk about music. 

   I am on spring break and trying to enjoy every second of it, cramming in all the things I've been wanting to make and do but didn't have the time for. 
  I made a silent promise to my professors that I would practice everyday while on my vacation, which isn't to hard because it's fun! Every morning I wake up at 5am snatch my sheet music and my classical guitar and begin to start playing, followed by some singing practice when I've eaten my breakfast, soon after that is piano practice and then lastly studio guitar in the afternoon. I know it's a rigorous morning routine, but I enjoy doing it and have noticed my playing starting to slowly improve . Mainly the reason why I practice so early is because I have morning classes at around 9am, and so I try to practice as much as I can before those classes. 
   But with this free time I am able to play my ukulele, which I feel like I haven't played in forever! I've searched some songs to play and might possibly do a cover on my youtube channel when I have the time. If anyone hasn't seen Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart you really need to! That film has some of the BEST songs to cover on your ukulele! 

  Funny just yesterday that I stumbled upon these wise words of wisdom in my intermediate guitar book written by my studio professor who is the best teacher around. I find this very refreshing and encouraging to my brain, because sometimes I feel like I can't keep up with some of the studies in class, then to hear "Don't be in a hurry" is the best thing ever in those situations, though it mustn't be confused with procrastination. 

 As I was saying in the beginning, I have many exciting things going on right now in my life. One is my 20th birthday in April, when I will be saying goodbye to my teen years forever and entering into the world as a full blown adult. The other is my idea for a class/workshop coming together so beautifully! I've contacted some ladies at my church, who liked my idea for a beginners jewelry workshop in the summer. Lastly is the Madame Ink shop receiving it's very own business cards and having my artwork made into postcards. 

  So having all this activity on my plate at the moment may seem tiring at times, still I am very grateful for it all! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vlog | Madame Ink Shop Preparation

        Ok so this is my first ever "Vlog" that I've ever posted on my blog, 
hopefully it's something that I'll keep up with and not just get 
lazy about recording myself and quit. 


  I didn't say as much as I'd liked to have said and that is because I was trying to keep the video under five minutes, so that it wouldn't take hours to upload on my iPhone. What I really wanted to talk about was the preparations I have been tackling for the upcoming flea market in June. So far I've painted a few mixed media works on small canvases, painted up a frilly girly sign for my booth, looked up to getting a square card reader, attaching clasps to my hemp jewelry and ordered a 48 set of
Prismacolor colored pencils to use on future works.

  Oh! And I forgot to mention that I order some business cards to have around at my shop, the thing is that they were already pre-decorated, I just changed the text, next time though I plan on creating my own cards with an original logo (Like the one you see above). Speaking of which, that wooden plank happens to be the sign and official logo for Madame Ink, which I plan to use during the times that I sell in boutiques and markets. 

A small glimpse at what I've been working on. 
This one has a cute story. There once lived a toymaker who everyone thought was a little crazy and lonely. While he never thought that of himself, he actually liked to be alone except for the few times he would wish to be like the fathers he saw taking their children out to play.  One day, while working hard on a new doll (that he had put the most care and heart into creating,) began to realize that her joints would move on their own and that she could speak, but only one word "Daddy". He realized that he accidentally carved his want for a child on to her heart, thus causing her to come alive. 

  Eh, it was not so good of an original story. But I guess I could work on it a bit more until it gets to be good. So yeah, it's been nothing but planning, running around, practicing and preparing. Hopefully I'll manage to get everything done for college and selling. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Journal Update | Pinky Pop

Where have I been and why haven't I blogged in awhile?

  Oh well, I'm here now. Today I wanted to talk about how my Smashbooking has been going, I didn't post any of my actual writing because that's private stuff. About a month ago I noticed that my books pages were almost used up from all my writing, so I bought a pack of ten sheets of colored paper from Daiso,  and I folded them up making a book (or signatures as journal writers call them) and added them to my Smashbook so I could have more space to write. Lately I've been thinking about the state of my journals. mainly I've used them strictly for poetry only, but I have been wanting to venture farther in the journal world by including: my thoughts, dream, ideas, lists, quotes, songwriting and art. Basically I want to be more free and just write whatever I want in my books. 
   On top of that I wanted to add some cool little bits and bobs to my Smashbook for some cute flair. I found a pack of little sticky notes which I plan to use for writing little poems and quick ideas on. Now I have never really fully gotten into the whole washi tape craze, but today I thought I'd give it a try and buy my very first pack of tapes, I plan to use them for attaching the poems that I carelessly written in my school notebooks into my journals so they don't get scattered about. This is all so very exciting! I can't wait to write, draw and make pretty pages! 

  Here is a quick sketch that I did in my journal today, one that I plan to use in a painting and to hopefully use in my future mixed media class. 

  My old cell phone broke down last week after 5 years of usage and many problems with the screen, it was about time I got a new phone. But never in my little have I ever thought of getting an Iphone! I always thought that Iphones were out of my league in price and technology. And can I just say that after so long in owning a phone that could only call and text, moving over to an apple product is truly a new experience. I chose my phone in the color blue and bought a good sturdy case in the color bright pink, hence the name I gave it "Pinky Pop". I am most grateful for this little device, just to think about how helpful it will be when I need it at craft shows and to add pictures to my shop instagram account, not to mention the fun I could have with it. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Art Timeline | Hopeful Plans

Alright so this is my very first art project in pictures! 
I thought it would be a fun idea to show you all how I do my paintings in a timeline form,
of course there are art gaps where I didn't show how to do everything,
but I did try to include the most important parts.
Now let's take a trip down the Hippie Workstation lane!  

Ah the beginning, before this shot was taken I had already drawn out my characters on the canvas with pencil and then went over it with pen, followed by a coat of magenta acrylic. 

Now I am using gel medium to decoupage my work, after I already finished distressing my background. 

Distressing over the decoupage with white acrylic. 

Painting in the skin and hair. 

Working on the clothing, faces, and adding more detail to the hair. 

Almost done! This is where I began to stamp words. 

Painted a little heart! 


Ta da! All finished and completed! 

Me and my college monster determined to tackle this week. 

   Well I hope that was enjoyable and not a big old snore, because I had a great time painting the couple and I hope to do more like it with different characters. 
    I wanted to talk about some future plans that I have banging around in my head not allowing me to sleep at night. One is thought of what am I going to do with myself during the summer? I don't really plan on taking classes, unless something cool pops up, but I did have the thought of doing an internship in a music environment to help me get a feel for the world of music. Good thing about that is that there is an upcoming internship fair near where I live, so I was thinking about attending the event, maybe they could help me out. 
    Next is something that I never thought of doing until about a year ago, when I had this idea to maybe somehow start and teach a mixed media/art journal class for teenage girls. I feel as though  I really want to pass on the joy of journaling and art to girls with the same interests, and I think that I've had years of experience enough to teach others what I know. I've called and emailed a few names and numbers, to ask if teaching is a possibility for me, and so far there was positivity towards my idea . Hopefully this teaching idea will come true, but for now I'll pray and wait about it. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

She Twirled with Flowers Poem

(Note that some of the words are different in the recording.)

She Twirled with Flowers 

From an aerial view 
I observed her dance
Holding up her neck 
Smiling to the white sun 
She spun like a toy top 
In a loose figure eight 
Her skirts barely weighed down 
Extended out as wildflowers 
The peony flesh tone arms 
Wave with summers grasses 
Lightly skimming their tips 
That is all I saw 
Of her 
And her joy clung to me. 

-Lynn N 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

5 Month Dread Update | Small Haul

Yes I finally have time to blog today!

(Ignore the disastrous shelf in the background.)

    My dreads are already on 5 month now! Wow that went faster than I thought, and my dreads held up better than I ever imagined. At the beginning I thought that my badly twisted and ripped pieces of shaggy curls would never turn into decent formed dreads, but it would appear that I was definitely wrong about that.  Another cool thing about my hair is that it appears to be growing out a lot faster now, which is exactly what I want, because I have this image of myself in my head with long decorated dreads swaying in the sunlight, ha! Whatever, that might not happen for a long time. 

  Recently I remembered the knitted cap that my Nana crocheted for me back when my family and I visited her. And I absolutely love it! When I put it on I feel like a traveling old gypsy women or a young pirate lass out to sail the seven seas, when in reality I'm just quickly walking like a maniac to my classes. So it looks like I found my go-to dread accessory for the summer, that is if my head will still fit the cap by then. 

  I think it's about time to post a little something about clothing. About 2 weeks ago I purchased this Free People sheer slip and Ralph Lauren tartan kilt which was $42 in total for the both of them. I bought them from Macy's ladies department, which in the past I made fun of because often the clothes sold there looked tacky, glittery and flashy, but I guess you need to have a sharp eye for scouting out the styles of clothing you really like. Funny though, I didn't realize how many beads the slip had lost until I searched the slip on the Free People website and found out that the top portion of the slip was supposed to have more beads scattered about than I thought, but I don't mind it, it still looks awesome. The kilt sprung out to me in an instant on the rack it was on,  by now everyone should know that I have a BIG obsession with anything Scottish and Irish, so finding something that looks like a kilt was a very big deal to me! It even opens cool to, it's like a wrap skirt style where you have to wrap one end and button it, then wrap the other end and buckle it. Hopefully the weather will start to heat up soon, because I'm getting tired of wearing mostly pants out of being cold.