Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Do, Costumes and Vegan Festivals

Oh dear my last post was three weeks ago I believe. Sorry everybody, 
I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to turn on the computer and 
type out a personal " life report".  

(What my hair looked like right after my dreads were cut and combed out.) 

  Hm, I have been stalling in letting the social media world know that I have had my dreads cut out. Because I know that I'm going to be receiving a lot of criticism over not being able to "handle dreads" or being a hypocrite in the dread community. Regardless of it all though I had my reasons for having them cut off. Number one on my list is that my bedroom has a draft somewhere and of course that is welcome mat for all sorts of creepy crawlies to come in my room and use my hair as a nest for there young. No I never had lice or anything like that, but I did have quite a number of baby spiders dangle and drop from my dreads. You can imagine how annoying that can quickly become. Reason number two, my hair is naturally very thick and VERY heavy, so the back of my neck and head were starting to ache from all the weight thus leading to painful headaches. Reason number 3, I used to have a record of constantly catching a cold every few weeks and it was mostly caused by my hair not being able to dry fast enough after it was washed. And having dreads appeared to be bringing that record back, even more so as the season starts to get colder. 
  So there you have it my reasonable reasons on why I had decided to cut off all my hair and leave it styled in a pixie cut like I used to have back in high school. 


    Hey I used my new haircut as an opportunity to dress up as Audrey Hepburn from the film Breakfast at Tiffany's for Halloween. The entire outfit was made up from stuff I had lying around the house (rephrase, mainly from my sister's wardrobe). The only item that was bought was the long and thick fake eyelashes that I had on, and can I just say it may be the last time I ever wear them.  

(Um, yes that is an actual Tiffany's jewelry store.) 

(Did I go to far?) 

(My sister as the cutest little wind up robot ever in the world.) 


So this past Sunday I attended my first ever VegFest, 
and boy was it delicious! 

   I sampled everything! From chocolate bars, kettle corn, croutons, nut bars, smoothies, spicy "chicken", to burgers I had it all! With so many vegan food trucks to choose from I settled down on the one thing that I have been wanting to try for a long while, and that is a veggie burger complete with vegan cheese and vegan mayo. And boy was it ever good! Though I think i'd rather have the cheese and mayo as a once in awhile treat, because afterwards my stomach wasn't able to handle the oils and fat all that well. But it was good regardless! And I'd be happy to order something like this again. 

   Ah ice cream, another thing I have been wanting to try since I went vegan, and I actually stood in line for more than half an hour to get an ice cream cookie sandwich (which probably wouldn't have happened if I didn't have such a strong sweet tooth).  It was sooooooooooo good! Creamy, sweet and the cookies were so soft, making for the best ice cream sandwich I have ever eaten! 

Yeah I'll post the names to all the places that I sampled so you guys can try it too. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

1 Year with Dreads | Dog's 4th Birthday | Vegan Falafel

Let's ignore the fact that I haven't been around in three weeks since the last post. 
And of course more than just these three highlights have happened 
in between then and now, but I don't have time to explain all of it. 

  Looking a year back to when I created my dreads on the 1st of October. I am surprised on how much they changed since then, at the time they didn't look like much to me, so I hardly noticed any change or improvement. Now that's a different story, the dreads are clearly visible, well formed, locked and sturdy, along with their daily habit of changing forms and locking up tighter. I am very pleased with the results and the journey they put me through, admitting I had my doubts at times and once in a while would argue with myself on whether or not I should remove them. I'm glad I didn't! Because now I get the privilege of seeing them turn into 1 year old dreadlings! 


(She loves my kissy's)

    Following the anniversary of my dreads came the most important event of the year (at least to me anyway). The 4th birthday of my beautiful stubborn Cocker Spaniel! Like my dreads me and her have had our ups and downs, but never had the thought of giving her away ever crossed my mind. After months of chewing, biting, scratching and potty messes when she was a puppy, it became all worth it in the end. Because now I have an extra sister (yes we are sisters), she walks like me, acts like me and  we even have the same hair-do (big puffy curly hair). I love her so much and I can't wait to see what more adventures lie in store for us. 

(She's probably thinking: "Lynn, I'm going to bite your nose off!")

(Puppy girl always gets an In-N-Out patty cake.)


   Just an imperfect shot of my homemade vegan baked falafels. 
I'll leave the video link to the recipe down below. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dreadlock Q&A | Vegan Makeup Haul

Today I'm answering the long asked question. 
Why do I have dreads? 

  Thought now would be a good time to finally answer this question. Since my first year with dreads is coming up and folks just keep on asking me. Rather than answer everyone separately, I decided to write about it here. So I come from a long line of curly headed family members, and each one of us has gone through the maintenance struggle that comes with having a big head of hair. So really I was never into keeping my hair pretty and fixed, and would often times leave it alone thus creating large annoying tangles that kept having to be brushed out by my mom (poor mom). In 2012 I decided enough was enough! I went to a salon and got my head cut and shaved into a faux hawk. That went good for about a year until I realized that my new hair cut was even more time consuming with styling and cutting frequently every month. It was soon after that I watched a video on YouTube where the host had long dreadlocks cascading down their shoulders. Being a curious creature, I quickly started researching everything that I could about this care free way of styling hair. What grabbed me the most was that I hardly had to do anything to my hair in order for it to dread, and I repeatedly told myself that my hair was equally as messy without dreads, so I had nothing left to lose! 

      And Ta-Da! Here I am now almost a year later with a head full of dreads! And the reason: Because I am too lazy to care and maintain my curly hair.

    So not surprisingly I haven't gotten around to creating my own homemade makeup as I had said a few posts back. But I did go for the next best thing. 100%Vegan store bought makeup at a slight discount! 

   I threw out all my old un-vegan makeup and decided to start fresh with a 100%Vegan line of beauty products called "Pacifica". Like I said the reason I was able to purchase 3 item was because they came at a slight discount at my local Sprouts grocery store. Not that their super pricey or anything, but discounts are always a good idea. Above is a picture of my new "Mineral BB Cream", which is very lightweight and smells like flowers!  

And the back, because we vegans always like to read the ingredients. 

   Along with that I purchased a black mascara and pencil eyeliner. Which was a good thing because I was losing it without my mascaras and eyeliners! I have some kind of strange obsession with eyes, especially eyes with eyeliner. I need eyeliner or else I go crazy! 

Read the labels! Always a good idea! 


  I rather enjoyed my first dreadlock Q&A. If ever any of you have a deadlock or vegan question, feel free to always ask! I would be happy to answer your questions! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

11 Month Dreads | Animal Friend and Vegan Food

Ugh! I need a decent camera! 

(I just washed my dreads) 

   So now that my dreads have reached 11 months, I have began to notice how much they have changed and tangled themselves. With every wash that I give them, they form into a whole new shape . From lumps, loops, swirls, tangles and clumps you name it! It's pretty cool and somewhat worrying because most of my dread tips are turning especially lumpy, which means that I might not be able to fit dread beads on them. *sigh* Oh well. 

They always look a lot better when their washed. 

Try as I might, but I just wasn't able to get my camera to focus better for this side shot. 


  Cutie little puppy girl wasn't feeling well this past week, so my mom and I took her to see the vet, after finding out the night before that she had a large cyst on the side of her neck and a rash on her bottom. The vet was able to clean out the puss from her cyst and put antibiotics on her, along with prescribing her with pills. 
   The poor thing, her cuts and rash are healing up fine, but she hates having to wear a cone. The whole family has had to help out in making life easy for Ivy while she is healing. Such as: giving her water (when she has her cone), giving her pills, carry her up the stairs and making sure that the grass she sits on doesn't have any prickly things. 

Put aside the disturbing text in the previous topic, 
and let's talk strange meals! 

  Lately I have been craving a lot of rice (mainly brown), and including it in all my meals. From breakfast, lunch and dinner a pile of rice always sits underneath mixed veggies or fruit! Above you notice that my breakfast bowl has purple rice, and no I didn't buy it like that. The secret is adding frozen blueberries to a pot of steaming rice and letting it cook along with it. After that you can top it off with molasses, brown sugar, bananas and just about anything! 

  Right here we have something that is very unique! A bowl of brown rice being topped off with cocoa powder and brown sugar. I call it "Chocolate Rice". It tastes really good, and even better with sliced bananas on top. 

   So in case you guys ever get bored of traditional breakfast cereals. Just remember that rice is always there for ya! 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

First Week of College | Got a Job

Wow, feels like forever since I've been here. 
And it has only been a week. 

   With the first week of college completed I think it's safe to say that I probably made more mistakes and said so many wrong things this week alone then ever in my entire life! (I'm probably exaggerating, but then again maybe not). Monday started off bad. First with me forgetting that I even had a class that morning. Which resulted in me jumping out of bed, getting dressed like a madman and then ending up in the wrong classroom (Yeah, I kinda sat through the whole thing too). Jumping to my Wednesday choir audition. I did ok during the singing portion of it, but when it came to the sight-reading singing that's were things went wrong. The choir results will be posted this Monday, but I have no hope in seeing my name on the list. Also I SWEAR I know how to sight read, I was just nervous and that sorta messed me up. Didn't make into my Voice 3 class, due to the professor saying that I wasn't ready to be there, which I kinda agree, but it is leaving me without a voice class to take. 
And now for the cherry on top to end all my unlucky situations this week. I forgot and couldn't be there for the applied music auditions. I was supposed to sing something, but none of the songs I had practiced during the summer qualified.  

So yep, that was it for my first week of college. Now that it's the weekend, I can spend it hiding my face under the covers. 

Oh well, ya know what makes up for a bad week? Inspiring school supplies!
That's why I have this notebook with one of J.R.R. Tolkien's quotes 

And who can go anywhere without Doctor Who himself encouraging you to study! 

  Ok I vented out about my frustrating week long enough! Now let's talk about the good things that happened.  Starting off with I found a twenty dollar bill on the floor! I might be taking private singing lessons with my voice teacher, and I got a one day job! 
  Can you believe it? I got a job! I will be working alongside my high school art teacher, helping out with her younger students, setting stuff up and clean up afterwards. Which will earn me a total of $30 every two weeks! So I guess no matter how ugly your week can get, there's always something to smile about no matter how big or small! 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Second Ear Piercing | Birthday Dreads

Ah yes! I had said to myself that I would get a second piercing. 
And I did! 

    Actually my ear piercing goal is ten earrings on each ear, but that will have to wait. Anyway yesterday I received my second upper lobe piercing at Claire's (I know many people don't like that place. But hey! They did a good job with my first piercing). 

    I swear I smiled the whole time it was being done, even when the needle went through my lobe. It was quick and almost painless, and honestly I rather enjoyed it. 

  I've said before that my ears are super sensitive to cheap metals, so nothing but the best many be placed in my ears. Which is why I'm forced to purchase the most expensive pair of earrings they carry in their shop. They are 14k white gold, something like that (I forgot the name). 

  After all that, it all comes down to enjoying a raw coconut water drink in the summer sun! 


   Like I said in my previous post. I recently became a Doctor Who fan this summer and have enjoyed every second of it with no regrets. It all started with me wanting to find out what the big deal was about the Who fandom and then ended with my sister and I catching episodes on Netflix. Which so far has proven to be very addictive. That being said I now feel willingly obligated to purchase some form of Who merchandise. And with the upcoming birthday of my dreads, I think it would be an awesome idea to order myself a Doctor Who themed dread bead. Leaning towards ordering the bead in the picture above, but then there are other kinds like with the Tardis that is equally cool. So it's going to be a tough decision. 

What do you guys think? Should I order it? :)